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Rooted Cuttings for Sale

3" pot $  9.50  +P&H rooted cuttings
6" pot $13.00  +P&H rooted cuttings
all plants are as above unless stated
all with healthy green leaves and a well established root system
all post is $8 unless you are buying multiply plants
         under 3 kg Satchel   = $13.95
All cuttings are able to bloom the spring & /or Autumn after shipping
Payments can be made to Pay pal, cheque, or Direct Deposit 

The picture attached is one similar to what is on offer the roots & stems 
may need to be cut back for shipment

I do not send live plants out side of Australia
and can not send plant material to WA or TAS
PLEASE contact me is you have any Inquiries

Brugmansia aurea (form)
B.aurea is a perennial woody small to medium shrub-like tree, native to the highlands of South America.

It can Usually grow to 10-20 ft (3-6 m) tall, with long thin oval shaped leaves which can grow up to
16 inches (40 cm)long and 6 inches (15 cm)wide. The flowers are up to 9 inches (23 cm)long, The flowers narrow and trumpet shaped and range in colour from white to golden yellow, the flowers hang either horizontal, nodding or pendulous and bloom most of the year round. They are especially noted for their strong aromatic fragrance, Grows well in full sun to part shade. regular watering in the growing season.

This plant is commonly grown as an ornamental for it's flowers, which are scented

Brugmansia 'Aztec Gold'
'Aztec Gold' is a suaveolens hybrid variety with a flared Golden yellow skirt, proffering semi-shade to produce the best display. it also has a light fragrance in the evening.

Brugmansia 'Culebra' 
This is available for $25 a plant in a 6" pot about 8" tall

This is a beautiful and very unusual variety with large long narrow sword shaped leaves to 
60 cm long and 7 cm wide. The stunning white flowers are petel cut in strips and not fussed like other varieties. This is a true Collectors variety

Brugmansia 'Dr Seuss'
This is a very rare & unusual variety with a thin tube and open face with hanging tendrils, the flower colour is Golden Yellow flushing to Orange.
This variety is best grown in morning sun and requires a little more water then others to get a great flush from it best time for the flower show is Autumn.
Growing to 10-15 ft (3-5 mt) tall this is a best grown as a standard to get the best display from the flowers

Brugmansia 'DRC'
'DRC'  this variety is one of my own hybrids from 1999 and is a constant bloomer with white/cream flowers that are persistent for most of the year it sends up main leaders to create a standard which is proffered for this variety

Brugmansia 'Dwarf Pink'n'Green'
Dwarf Pink'n'Green is a large shrub with beautiful small pink & green tipped flowers this is a very cute one indeed.      it can be keeps small in a pot or let grow to a nice fully grown bush

Brugmansia 'Ecuador Pink'
'Ecuador Pink' is a stunning variety with pendulous bells reaching to 16 inches in length with it's bright pink blooms it will flush 2-3 times throw the warmer months with a very weak perfume.
It probably worth growing this as a standard to get the best display, it also loves a feed don't scrimp and it will show you a great flush.

Brugmansia 'Frosty Pink'
'Frosty Pink' is a B.suaveolens hybrid with large soft to medium pink flowers that are very attractive when in full flush. The fragrance is most noticeable around dusk in the warmer weather.

BRUGMANSIA 'Knightii'  (Double White Angels Trumpet)

This tall shrub / small tree growing to 10-20 ft. (3-6 m) tall and 3-4 m wide. Foliage is Evergreen, Blue-Green in colour with a Velvety leaf texture.   Flowering: Eye-catching large 32 cm  pendulous  trumpet-shaped  double white flowers are highly fragrant  and appear from spring to autumn. It Blooms repeatedly

 Brugmansia's do well in a sheltered position in full sun or partial shade. They prefer a moderately fertile well-draining soil. This plant likes some moisture in the ground during the growth period.
 Prune in early Spring to maintain shape.

Brugmansia 'Old Apricot'
'Old Apricot' is one of the oldest varieties in Australia other then that of B.'Knightii' which has been in Australia for more then 100 years, this is a beautiful large flowering variety which is Apricot in color and has a pendulous hanging blooms.

Brugmansia 'Sister Bertrille'

Brugmansia 'Tantra'
Tantra resembles a white form of B.aurea. It is free-flowering and forms a dome shape bush to 4 meters tall.
it has a beautiful scent with a waxy corolla. It is a sibling of B.'Knightii' and may show some signs so petaloid.

Brugmansia 'White Ruff'
'White Ruff' is a suaveolens hybrid is a superb bloomer with white flowers to 25 cm long and can have over 100 blooms on the plant at any given time. The fragrance is most noticeable around dusk in warmer weather.
This variety was developed here in Australia by one of our leading Botanists.

Brugmansia 'Zabaglione'


Brugmansia 'Midas'

'Midas' is a sanguinea variety and is $15 per plant

Brugmansia sanguinea [Mrs L]

*  NOTES: with all of the sales from this site there will be a 5% donation to BGI website 
2 times a year 

NOTE: all parts of Brugmansia are POISONOUS including the seed if ingested

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